Brawl Stars Hack and Cheats 2019

Generate Unlimited & Free Gems:

Free online Brawl Stars hack and cheats gems generator

In this guide, we have brought Brawl Stars hack and cheats for the most serious players to get unlimited gems in the game.

Supercell’s Brawl Stars have become one of the most famous games on both Android and iOS platforms Cod Points

With nearly 20 million downloads on Android, at the time of writing, Brawl Stars is now competing with Supercell’s other mega titles like Clash Royale and Clash of Clans.

And like their other titles, it also has an in-game currency that can be bought with real-world money, called ‘Gems’.

Let’s get started with an easy trick, using which you can get as many gems as you can possibly want.

How to use our Brawl Stars cheats and hacks?

You don’t have to spend real-world money to get ahead in the game anymore!

Follow these insanely simple steps and in just a matter of a few minutes, you can get unlimited gems.

  1. Open up your phone’s browser and open the generator page. You’ll see a small window present below the ‘Special Offers’ section as soon as the site loads up.
  2. Type in your Brawl Stars username as prompted in the window and select your platform - Android or iOS. Press the ‘Proceed’ button once you are done.
  3. Now, you’ll be redirected to a page where you’ll be prompted to enter the number of Brawl Stars gems you want. You have to choose a number between 30 to 2000 gems. Once that’s done, press the ‘Generate’ button.
  4. As soon as you hit the ‘Generate’ button, you’ll be redirected to a verification page where you’ll see 3 different apps. To get verified as a human user, you’ll have to download any one of the 3 listed apps.
  5. Once you choose the app, you’ll be redirected to its App Store page where you’ll have to download and install it.
  6. After the app is installed, you’ll have to use it at least for 30 seconds for the verification to be complete. The web page can be slow to register your usage so it is advisable not to rush this.
  7. Once you are verified, you can close the app and start up Brawl Stars. You’ll notice your gems count rising rapidly towards your desired amount.

And voila! That’s how you get all the gems you want with the help of our Brawl Stars cheats.

Gems in Brawl Stars

Most freemium games have some form of microtransaction these days. And because most of the games on phones are free to play, it’s more evident than anywhere else.

These microtransactions can be in the form of harmless cosmetic items or in the form of in-game currency, which can alter the player experience in major ways depending upon how much you choose to pay.

Gems in Brawl Stars is not the only example of an in-game currency that can be bought with real-world money. Supercell’s other titles like Clash Royale and Clash of Clans also have premium currencies.

Like any other premium currency, gems can significantly affect the play experience. With gems, you can get upgrades and characters, and advance in the game, much more quickly than any other possible way.

There are only two ways to get gems. First, of course, is by buying gems with your hard-earned dollars. And second, by opening up ‘Brawl Boxes’.

Let’s talk about both of these methods with a little more detail.

Price of Gems

If you didn’t know about our trick to generate free gems, the most reliable and quick way to stack gems is by outright buying it from the store.

The prices are listed below:

  • 30 Gems Pack – $1.99
  • 80 Gems Pack – $4.99
  • 170 Gems Pack – $9.99
  • 360 Gems Pack – $19.99
  • 950 Gems Pack – $49.99
  • 2000 Gems Pack – $99.99

You’d need to spend at least $99.99 for 2000 gems in the game to have a good start - considering how much premium items like Brawlers and skins cost in the game at the time of writing.

Obviously, this is way more pricey than acceptable because even for a triple-A title on consoles often you’d only have to shell out $60 for the full experience. And in Brawl Stars, even after spending $99.99 for 2000 gems, you are only getting started.

Brawl Boxes

Brawl Boxes is the name of loot boxes. If you’ve any experience of playing video games, you’d know how fishy loot boxes are.

In most games, you can earn loot boxes steadily by progressing through the game or you could buy them from the in-game store.

To understand how malicious the concept of loot boxes is, know that some countries even ban loot boxes as a form of gambling because you’ll get items on the basis of chance.

Moreover, in most cases, the chance of getting a specific item is not even mentioned and there’s no way of knowing it.

In Brawl Stars, you have 3 sizes of Brawl Boxes - Mega, Big, and Standard. When opened, these boxes have a chance of dropping rare items like Tickets, Coins and even Gems.

But the chances of getting Gems is very low - about 9%.

The mega box costs you 80 gems too but you can only buy it once you have 4000 trophies and that is very late in the trophy road.

The big box can be bought for 30 Gems or 10 Star Tokens. You, sometimes, also get awarded with big boxes for progressing in the game.

Standard brawl boxes are given to the players every day by acquiring 100 Tokens through Trophy road. These have the lowest rewards and you have an almost zero chance of getting gems in one of these.


So, that’ll be all for this article. Be sure to follow the guide properly for getting the desired result.

With that, we hope this Brawl Stars hack and cheats guide was helpful in getting you free unlimited gems and thank you for reading.

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